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2022-05-14 22:32:19 By : Mr. Bertram Young

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When the alarm sounds, a 2001 Pierce Enforcer HDR will be making its way out of the Crescent Hose Fire Department’s garage.

The Enforcer is bigger and better than their previous fire rescue vehicle.

“Additionally, we switched to an eDRAULIC HURST-type system. That system allow us more portability with our fire rescue tools. Additionally, we added a couple of more feet and a staircase on the back to make it safer in order to walk up and down to the top of the rig,” said Jack DiOrazio, Crescent Hose Fire Department’s Rescue Chief.

We wanted to find out how does this benefit and make the North East community safer.

“This provides the people of North East the best piece of rescue equipment available. The committee spent several months, even a couple years researching the best type of vehicle to use. This vehicle really represents the best vehicle for the town in order to get to the emergency scenes.

DiOrazio said this is the only heavy rescue-type vehicle this side of Erie County.

“There are some closer to the city but we are the only one for at least 15 miles from here in a radius. It provides excellent coverage to the interstate. We have about 13 miles that we cover, as well as Route 20 and Route 5, and some other major roadways,” DiOrazio said.

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The new piece of equipment was just delivered to the station on Thursday, April 28, costing them just under $700,000.

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