2'' JIS B-9911marine Machine Fire Hydrant

2\'\' JIS B-9911Marine Machino Fire Hydrant Flanged Fire Hydrant We have 90°Flanged Fire Hydrant,180°Flanged Fire Hydrant,45°Flanged Fire Hydrant,90°Pin Fire Hydrant,Marine Flanged Fire Hydrants,45°,90°Pin Fire Hydrant,&n

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2'' JIS B-9911Marine Machino Fire Hydrant 
2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant
Flanged Fire Hydrant
We have 90°Flanged Fire Hydrant,180°Flanged Fire Hydrant,45°Flanged Fire Hydrant,90°Pin Fire Hydrant,Marine Flanged Fire Hydrants,45°,90°Pin Fire Hydrant, Machino Fire Hydrant etc.Pls contact us for more specific details.

Fire hydrants should be placed in public Shared Spaces such as corridors or halls. Generally, they should be placed in the walls of the above Spaces and should not be decorated.
2, the fire hydrant is generally not located in the room (such as box), does not comply with the fire regulations, is not conducive to the timely rescue of fire personnel.

Use in doors

1. Open the hydrant door and press the internal start pump alarm button (the button is to start the fire pump and alarm)
2. One man connected the nozzle and the hose and ran to the fire.
3. Another person connects the other end of the hose to the aluminum opening of the bolt head.
4, counterclockwise open the valve water can be ejected. Note: be sure to cut off the power when an electrical fire starts.

Use out doors

1. Open the water bag opening connection switch of the underground fire hydrant with a wrench.
2. Connect the fire hose.
3. Use a wrench to open the outlet valve of the underground fire hydrant.
4. Connect the nozzle and nozzle.
5, at least two or more people with water nozzle head, spray water to the fire until the fire extinguished.

More information of the fire hydrant please kindly check below specification .

2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant
2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant
2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant
2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant
2'' JIS B-9911marine Machino Fire Hydrant


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