750 Gpm@230psi Fire End Suction Single Stage Pump

750 GPM@230PSI Fire Fighting End Suction Single Stage Water PumpOverview                                           

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750 GPM@230PSI Fire Fighting End Suction Single Stage Water Pump
750 Gpm@230psi Fire Fighting End Suction Single Stage Water Pump


QI model fire fighting pump is single-stage end-suction(axial suction) cantilever type centrifugal pump, which is used to transport corrosive liquid with viscosity similar to water and without solid particles. The marked and rated performances and dimensions adopt ISO2858 international standard. 
It has such characteristics as wide range of performance, high efficiency, high mechanical, chemical and physical level and convenient maintenance etc. It is energy saving type product recommended by the nation with its efficiency being 5% greater than that of other similar model pump.
The temperature of transported media of QI model pump is -20 - 105 C deg . Through adopting cooling method, it can transport media with higher temperature if necessary, and  is applied to transport various corrosive media or media in which pollution is forbidden similar to water in such industries as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy , electric power, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fiber etc.

High pressure fire fighting pump structure                                                                                                                                       
 1. QI model pumps are the series of products designed according to ISO international standards in all industries in China. It is mainly composed of pump body, impellers, seal rings, impeller nuts, pump cove r, seal parts, intermediate support, spindle, suspended parts and so on.
2. Structural features : the pump cover is fixed on the intermediate support, and the pump cover is clamped in the middle by coupling between pump body and intermediate support. On the pump body, water is input axially and output radially. Support feet can be fixed on t he bas e directly . The suspended parts are fixed onto the intermediate support through the rabbet, and are supported onto the base by suspended frame
3. Rotation direction: the pump is driven by motor directly through a prolonged coupling, seen from the side of the motor, it rotates clockwise.
4. Spindle seal patterns: spindle seal patterns o f pump are of two types such as stuffing seal and mechanical seal. The stuffing seal is that on stuffing casein pump cover , with software stuffing for sealing, input water of a certain pressure  into the stuffing case, for cooling, lubrication and cleaning on seal; mechanical seal is of two types such as single-surface mechanical seal and double-surface mechanical seal, input water of a certain pressure into the seal chamber, for washing  and cooling on the abrased surfaces.
Seal patterns of pump are of stuffing seal or mechanical seal, according to users' requirements, in a same time, seal chamber sizes and shaft gland patterns of other structures according to ISO3069 as required, are allowed, such as mechanical seals of corrugated pipes, assistant impeller seals and so on

High pressure fire fighting pump Performance        

Pump Type



Motor Power(kw)

QI 50

3.1 - 14



QI 65

6.1 - 30



QI 80

12 - 60



QI 100

24.3 - 120



QI 125

51.4 - 240



QI 150

104 - 240



QI 200




QI 250




QI 300




 High pressure fire fighting pump  Application        
1. Cleanout system.

2. Building, urban fire fighting

3. Environment protect system.

4. Waste water treatment plants.

5. Electroplate and Dyeing system.

6. Industrial and chemical plants

7. Mining 

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750 Gpm@230psi Fire Fighting End Suction Single Stage Water Pump


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