HOWO Fire Truck 6X4 Drive, 12000L, 290/300/336HP Diesel Engine

 Howo fire truck 6x4 drive,12000L,290/300/336hp diesel engine DescriptionsparameterGeneralTruck model:ZZ1257N4347AGVW/Curb weight29000kg/13050kgRate of load15000kgOverall size9900×2500×3500cab              CabFlat head, doubl

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 Howo fire truck 6x4 drive,12000L,290/300/336hp diesel engine


Truck model:ZZ1257N4347A
GVW/Curb weight29000kg/13050kg
Rate of load15000kg
Overall size9900×2500×3500
cab              CabFlat head, double-row, four doors, hydraulic tilt cab,2+4 seat, 4 Set of safety belt in the back seats. Manual window
Command systemYes

Drive type6x4 left hand drive
Fuel type:Diesel
Engine manufacturer/modelWEICHAI/ WD615.69
Emission standardEuro 2
Engine typeInline six cylinder,,four-stoke, water-cooled, turbocharged and intercooled , fuel direct injection pump.
Shift box9-speed Forwarder with 2 Reverse
BrakeAir brake
No. of axle/payload3/7000kg/16000kg
Tire specification/No.11.00-20/10+1
Max speed85km/h
Paint colorRed paint
Special configurationWater Tank capacity
Foam tank capacity
10,000L Made in high-strong carbon steel with anti-corrosion
2000L Made in high quality steel with anti-corrosion
The truck from the crew compartment, the water tank (body), pump house, equipment boxes, out of the water pump and foam system, fire cannons, electronic sirens, lights ,Equipment compartment door curtain made of aluminum alloy doors , roller, chute -oriented, open and close the lightweight, low noise ; equipment on both sides of the rear of the car and turn the pedal plate , using gas springs, door stopper double ended fixed , safe and reliable performance ;and other major components
This truck is improved and refitted with chassis of HOWO. It is equipped with foam spraying fire system. The spacious cabin is suit for six crews, on its double cabin. Its internal structure reasonable and compact, its appearance beautiful and liberal. its foam spraying fire system could be used on single or combination.
Atmospheric pressure pump fire pump: CB10/60@1.0Mpa,Leading water time ≤ 50s, within water depth 7m
Fire monitor Model: PL48(dual-purpose gun blisters) Water range ≥ 55m/1.0MPa , foam range: ≥ 50m/1.0MPa
Spare part and tool in equipment boxes of truckIts satisfy all of normal used

2, PARTS AND TOOL BOX                    

No.Part nameQ'tUT
1Suction hose(4m)2PC
2Water filter1PC
3Fire hose type(13-65-20m)4PC
4Fire hose type(20-65-20m)2PC
5Fire hose type(13-80-20m)2PC
6Fire hose type(20-80-20m)2PC
7Water thief1PC
8Water collector(Bayonet)1PC
9Adapter 65/80 or 80/652PC
10Hose wrapper4PC
11Hose protector            2PC
12Hose hook4PC
13Ground hydrant wrench1PC
14Underground hydrant wrench1PC
15Suction hose wrench2PC
16Try power fire extinguisher1PC
17Fire bucket1PC
18Straight hose nozzle1PC
19Multifunctional hose nozzle1PC
20Middle pressure hose reel1PC
21Middle pressure hose reel gun1PC
22Fire Axe1PC
23Iron arrows1PC
24Iron spade1PC
25Pickaxe flat tip type 4kg1PC
26Fire hammer1PC
27Aluminum Ladder triple X1PC








3, Auxiliary instruments

The chassis specification
The chassis repair manual,
The chassis quality certificate
The engine number copy
Chassis number copy
instruction manual of fire engines
fire engines fire equipment list
fire truck delivery list

4,General technical requirements

Vehicle quality conforms to the enterprise standards
All operated switches, instruments, equipment and vehicles are in accordance with the normative aluminum nameplate signs
Vehicle performance in accordance with GB7956-1998 " fire engine fire performance requirements and test methods " rules
Fire pump performance in accordance with GB6245-2006 " " fire pump rules
Vehicle dimensions, axle load and quality is consistent with the GB1589-2004 " road vehicle dimensions, axle load and quality limits " rules
Exterior lighting and light signaling devices shall comply with GB4785-2007Exterior lighting and light signaling devices installing regulations for vehicles and the trailers
The vehicle purchased part passed through the compulsory certification, material supplied by approval supplier
the vehicle appearance and quality comply with the relevant provisions of GA39.3-92 of the Public Security Department
all welding is firm, smooth, and flat


1wiper sheet6PC
2wiper arm2PC
3combined switches1PC
4light switches1PC
5Fog lamp switches (Front)1PC
6Fog lamp switches(Rear)1PC
8fog bulb5PC
9rear bulb5PC
10turning bulb5PC
11hand brake valve1PC
12service brake valve1PC
13brake liner(front and rear)10PC
14brake rivets100PC
15return springs2PC
17front wheel bolts20PC
19engine oil filter assembly10PC
20diesel filters10PC
21air filters1PC
22rear wheel screws40PC
23motor belt1PC
24fuel gauge1PC
25electromagnetic valve1PC
264-circuit protecting valve1PC
27relay valve1PC
28Air pressure sensor2PC
29complete set tool box with tool kit each vehicle1PC
30cover assy clutch set1PC
31starter motor complete1PC
32front tire outer bearing1PC
33rear tire outer bearing1PC
34side mirror2PC
35radiator water hoses for engine1PC
36Assorted fuses 5 kinds20PC



1Fire protective suit175/18010PC
2Fire fighting helmets175/18010PC
3Fire belts175/18010PC
4Fire fighter's boots42/43/4410PC
5Fire fighter's gloves175/18010PC



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