600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Truck 2500L/3000L for sale

600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale Double Cabin Isuzu 4*2 Fire Fighting Truck  fire fighting truck   Euro 5 ISUZU Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck for hot sale   ↵ SPECIFICATIONXDR 4000liters water fire truckVeh

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600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale

600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale
600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale

Double Cabin Isuzu 4*2 Fire Fighting Truck  fire fighting truck   
Euro 5
 ISUZU Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck for hot sale   ↵
 600p Double Cabin Isuzu Fire Truck Nkr Fire Fighting Truck 2500L/3000L for Sale

XDR 4000liters water fire truck
Vehicle Parameters
GeneralVehicle ModelDRZ5070GXFSG20/Q
Vehicle BrandDRZ
Chassis BrandIsuzu ( QL1070A5KWY)
Overall Dimension(mm)6790×1990×2720
GVW/Curb Weight(kg)6600/4325/1900
Chassis Parameters
CabCab Seat2+3
Air ConditionerOptional
EngineFuel Typediesel
Engie Model4KH1CN5HS
Engine BrandIsuzu
Emmission StandardEuro5
ChassisDrive Type4*2
Transmission5 speed, Manual
Tyre Specification7.50R16
Tyre No.(pcs)6+1
Max Speed(km/h)90
Fire Truck Water Tank Structure Parameters
Tank Volume3000-4000LTank MaterialCarbon Steel
Tank Thickness4/3/3mmFire pumpCB10/30
Fire monitorPS30Color andOptional
Standard configurationChassis,sub frame, van body,national standard equipment box, 25 units national standard fire-fighting equipment,fire pump(CB10/20, CB10/30,CB10/40,CB10/60 according to the capacity), fire gun(PS20,PS30,PS40,PS50 according to the capacity),fire power take off, sliding gate, row type lights, reel, common tools,rear climbing ladder,water tank.
Selective configurationfoam type,dry powder type,stainless tank,other requirements.
Fire truck model: 6205*1900*2700 
Tank capacity 1.2000L water tank 
2.2000L water tank+500L foam tank 
Fire pump Model: CB10/20 Flow rate: 20L/S 
Fire monitor Model: SP20 Throw range≥ 48m 
Main information
Product Name: Isuzu Water Tank Fire Truck
Itme No.  5072GXFSG20C
Chassis No. QL10703HWRY
Overall Sizemm6260×1980×2780
Total Weight:kg6550
Curb weight:kg4350
Rated load capacity:kg1825
Cab-by the number :people2+3
Approach/departure angle°24/12
Front/rear suspensionmm1015/1755
Number of axlespcs2
Front / Rear treadmm1504/1425
Maximum speedkm/h95
Function parameter
Water Tank CapacityL3000
Water & Foam Cannon Item No. PS20
Rated flow of the CannonL/s20
Reated pressure of cannonmpa1
Fire Pump Item No. CB10/20
Rated Flow Of The Fire PumpL/s20
Reated Pressure Of Fire Pumpmpa1
Shot rangem>45
Water suction timesecond35 seconds
Engine information
Model 4JB1CN /4KH1CN5HS
Brand Isuzu
Emission Level Euro 

The fire trucks are consists of fluid container, pump room, hose box, power output & transmission system, pipe system and electrical system. It is widely used in urban public security fire brigades, oil and chemical industry, factories and mines, forests, ports and other departments, which can put out a fire quickly, is an ideal fire fighting equipment.

ISUZU Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck
Item Namewater tank fire fighting truck Chassis brandISUZU
Weight Parameter(kg)Gross weight6510Chassis modelNKR77LLLWCJAY
Payload weight2050Overall dimenssion6205*1900*2700
Kerb weight4085wheelbase(mm)3360
Engine parameterEngine type4KH1-TCFuel typediesel
Performance ParameterMax speed(km/h)90Front tread(mm)1504
Axle No.2Rear tread(mm)1425
Tire type7.00-16Front suspension(mm)1015
Tire No.6Rear suspension(mm)1830
Allowed people in cab2+3Approaching angle24
Gearbox5 speedDeparture anlge13
CabFlat-roof double row cab with four doors,A/C,Audio
Special ParameterTank capacity1. 2000L water tank 
2. 2000L water tank+500L foam tank
Fire pumpModel:CB10/20  Flow rate:20L/S
Fire monitorModel: SP20Throw range≥48m
100P QL10408EARY      1.45T4JB1-TC12490
 QL10408EWRY      1.25T4JB1-TC12490
 QL10408FARY      1.99T4JB1-TC12765
 QL10508FWRY      1.43T4JB1-TC12765
 QL10508HARY      2.75T 4JB1-TC13360
QL10408HARY      1.75T4JB1-TC13360
 QL10508HWRY      2.45T  4JB1-TC13360
QL10408HWRY      1.49T4JB1-TC13360
600P QL1040HEARY      1.45T4KH1-TC2490
 QL1040HEWRY      1.25T4KH1-TC2490
QL1041HEARY      1.75T4KH1-TC2490
 NKR77GLLACJAY    3.5T4KH1-TC2765
KNR77GLEACJAY    1.95T4KH1-TC2765
 NKR77GLCWCJAY    1.48T4KH1-TC2765
 KNR77LLLACJAY    3.5T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLPACJAY    4.5T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLDACJAY    1.85T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLGACJAY    2.5T4KH1-TC3360
 NKR77LLLWCJAY    3.5T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLGWCJAY    2.5T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLEWCJAY    1.95T4KH1-TC3360
NKR77LLCWCJAY    1.75T4KH1-TC3360
 NKR77PLLACJAY    3.5T4KH1-TC3815
NKR77PLPACJAY    4.5T4KH1-TC3815
 NKR77PLLWCJAY    3.5T4KH1-TC3815
QL1060HKARY      2.35T4KH1-TC3815
FTR7-8  4*2QL1140TKFR4HK1-TC3900
7-8  4*2QL1140TMFR4HK1-TC4500
7-8  4*2QL1140TAFRY4HK1-TC4700
7-8  4*2QL1140TNFR4HK1-TC5000
7-8  4*2QL1140TQFR4HK1-TC5550
7-8  4*2QL5140TRFR4HK1-TC5800
FVR7-8  4*2QL1150WKFR,FVR34G26HK1-TCN3900
7-8  4*2QL1150WMFR,FVR34J26HK1-TCN4500
7-8  4*2QL1160WAFRY6HK1-TCN4700
7-8  4*2QL1160WNFRY6HK1-TCN5000
7-8  4*2QL1150WQFR ,FVR34P26HK1-TCN5550
7-8  4*2QL1160WRFRY6HK1-TCN5800
FVZ14-15 6*4QL1250RPFZ,    FVZ34Q6HK1-TCS4.65+1.3
14-15 6*4QL1250RQFZY6HK1-TCS4.9+1.3
14-15 6*4QL1250RRFZ,    CXA34T6HK1-TCS5.1+1.3
14-15 6*4QL1250RSFZY 6HK1-TCS5.4+1.3
14-15 6*4QL1250RTFZ,    FVZ34V6HK1-TCS5.7+1.3
We're China professional manufacturer of fire fighting truck, we can produce and export isuzu fire fighting trucks,water tank fire fighting truck,foam tank fire fighting truck,water tower fire fighting truck. The chassis can be adopt with ISUZU fire truck,Hongyan fire truck,JMC fire truck,JAC fire truck,SINO HOWO fire truck,North Benz fire truck,Dongfeng fire truck,Shacman fire truck etc.
The fire truck has streamline design, nice appearance, flexible control, economical and practical. The inside separated material is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The layout is reasonable and every part is fixed by special fixture.
The fire truck adopts double rows integral structure, and can take 6-8passengers; it can put out fire while running, which has a long distance range and strong extinguish power. Normal pressure, medium-low pressure, high-low pressure pump is optional.
The fire truck can be designed, modified according to your demand. warm device, power steering and A/C is optional.

7-8 T 4*2
7-8 T 4*2QL11409TMFR4HK1-TCG404500
7-8 T 4*2QL11409TAFRY4HK1-TCG404700
7-8 T 4*2QL11409TNFR4HK1-TCG405000
7-8 T 4*2QL11409TQFR4HK1-TCG405550
7-8 T 4*2QL51409TRFR4HK1-TCG405800
8-10T  4*2QL11609KFRY4HK1-TCG403900
8-10T  4*2QL11609MFRY4HK1-TCG404500
8-10T  4*2QL11609AFRY4HK1-TCG404700
8-10T  4*2QL11609NFRY 4HK1-TCG405000
8-10T  4*2QL11609QFRY4HK1-TCG405550
8-10T  4*2QL5160XXY9RFRY4HK1-TCG405800

Front/  rear  tread 
Front  axle6.3  T  front  axle
Rear  axle13T  rear  axle
Steeting Power  steering  ,   recirculating  ball  steering  gear 
Clutch Single  dry  diaphragm  spring  cultch 
Type  &   size  of  tyre9.00-16
The  number  of  tyre6+1(spare  tyre)
Max  speed 95Km/h

Relying on strong technological capability, we can produce and sell the DONGFENG, SINOTRUCK, JMC, ISUZU, NORTH Benz series water fire truck, foam fire truck, powder 2. Fire truck, emergency rescue fire truck, forest fire truck, water truck with fire pump etc. 
7-8 T  4*2QL1150WKFR FVR34G26HK1-TCN3900
7-8 T  4*2QL1150WMFR , FVR34J26HK1-TCN4500
7-8 T  4*2QL1160WAFRY6HK1-TCN4700
7-8 T  4*2QL1160WNFRY6HK1-TCN5000
7-8 T  4*2QL1150WQFR  , FVR34P26HK1-TCN5550
7-8 T  4*2QL1160WRFRY6HK1-TCN5800

100P2490 QL10403EARYQL10413EARY 100P984JB1CN,MSB///2-2.5,3-4.8/700-15,700R15,650-15,650R15,,700-16,700R16/:172*65*4mm//:USB/,100P,1X(700P),
2765 QL10403FARY  
 QL10403FWRY QL10503FWRY 
3360 QL10403HARY QL10603HARYQL10703HARY 
3815 QL10703KARYQL10703KAR1Y 
600P2490 QL1040A1EAY  600P1204KH1-TCG4O,MSB///2,2.5,4.8/650-16650R16,700-16,700R16/:USB/:172*65*4+3mm///,
2765 QL1050A1FAYQL1060A1FAYQL1070A1FAY
3360 QL1040A1HAYQL1050A1HAYQL1060A1HAY
 QL1071A1HAY QL1070A1HAY
3815 QL1050A1KAYQL1070A1KA1YQL1070A1KA2Y
700P3815 QL10909KARYQL11009KARYQL11109KARY700P,1904HK1-TCG40,MLD//4,7/825-16825R16,825-20825R20235/75R17.5//:216*70*6+3mm
4175 QL10909LARY QL10909LAR1Y  QL11009LARY
4475 QL10909MARYQL10909MAR1YQL11009MARY
5200 QL10909PARYQL11009PARY  
3815/ QL11019KARY  700P,,
4175/ QL11019LARY 
4475/ QL11019MARY  
5200/ QL11019PARY 
FTR3900 QL11409KFR 23.25 QL11609KFRY FTR1904HK1-TCG40,MLD//6.3,13/900-20900R20,1000-20,1000R20/////USB//:258*85*10+4mm
4500 QL11409MFR23.3 QL11609MFRY
4700 QL11409AFRY 23.35 QL11609AFRY 
5000 QL11409NFR 23.38 QL11609NFRY 
5550 QL11409QFR23.4 QL11609QFRY
5800 QL5140XXY9RFR 23.45QL5160XXY9RFRY
FVR3900 QL1160AKFRY   FVR2406HK1-TCNG40,MLD//6.3,13/1000-201000R20,1100-20,1100R20/////USB//:258*85*10+4mm
4500 QL1160AMFRY  
4700 QL1160AAFRY    
5000 QL1160ANFRY  
4500 QL5190GXFDMFRY3006HK1-TCSG40,9JS119TA,1100R20,FVR
FVZ4000+1300 QL1250DAFZY   FVZ3004HK1-TCSG40,9JS119TA//7,18/1000-201000R201100-201100R20/////USB///:258*85*10+4mm
4350+1300 QL1250DNFZY  
4650+1300 QL1250DPFZY   
4900+1300 QL1250DQFZY  
5100+1300 QL1250DRFZY   
5400+1300 QL1250DSFZY  
5700+1300 QL1250DTFZY  

Our fire truck is widely used for fire fighting of construction, forest, petroleum, chemical industry, factories, mines, oil depot, wharf and other places. 

All of our fire trucks with reliable quality, stable performance and reasonable price, and also all are equiped with full fire equipments. 
No. NameSpecificationQ'tRemark
1Suction pipeØ125×2000mm4PCS  
2Fire fighting beltØ65×2000mm8PCS  
3Fire fighting beltØ80×2000mm4PCS  
4Water purifierFJF1251PC  
7Belt pothookFG6004PCS  
8Belt clothFP4704PCS  
9Above ground hydrant wrenchFB4501PC  
10Underground hydrant wrenchFBX8001PC  
11Suction wrenchFS100/1252PCS  
12Straight stream shut-off nozzleQZG191PC  
13Straight stream nozzleQZ191PC  
14Straight stream multi-jet squirtQZH191PC  
15Fire fighting axeGF2851PC  
17Fire extinguisher  1PC  

Fire truck hot sale  list 
EQ1126KJ1                                                                       4B190 30136247008/10+79.00-20CB10/40PS40
DFL1140B2                                                                       5.5B190 30132245007/9+6,8/10+89.00-20CB10/40PS40
FVR34J2                                                                         5.56HK1-TC191245009/1410.00R20-16PRCB10/40PS40
EQ1141KJ                                                                        5.5B190 30136245008/10+810.00-20CB10/40PS40
ZZ1167M4617C                                                                    8WD615.92E1962460010/9+611.00-20 18PRCB10/60PS50
ZZ1166M4616C1                                                                   8WD615.92E196246009/9+611.00-20CB10/60PS50
ZZ1257N4347C                                                                    11.5WD615.95E24734325+1350                                                                                 10/12,4/1211.00-20 18PRCB10/60PS50
ZZ1256M4646C                                                                    11.5WD615.92E19634325+1350                                                                                 9/12,10/12,10/-11.00-20CB10/60PS50
CXA34T                                                                          126HK1-TC19135100+1300                                                                                           9/1011.00-20-18PRCB10/60PS50
ZZ1257S4647C                                                                    12WD615.96E27634600+1350                                                                                 10/12,4/1211.00-20 18PRCB10/60PS50
EQ1126KJ1                                                                       2.5+1.33B190 30136247008/10+79.00-20CB10/40PL32
DFL1140B2                                                                       3.5+1.77B190 30132245007/9+6,8/10+89.00-20CB10/40PL32
EQ1141KJ                                                                        3.5+1.77B190 30136245008/10+810.00-20CB10/40PL32
FVR34J2                                                                         4+1.3226HK1-TC191245009/1410.00R20-16PRCB10/40PL32
ZZ1167M4617C                                                                    6+1.77WD615.92E1962460010/9+611.00-20 18PRCB10/60PL48
ZZ1166M4616C1                                                                   6+1.77WD615.92E196246009/9+611.00-20CB10/60PL48
ZZ1257N4347C                                                                    8.5+2.66WD615.95E24734325+1350                                                                                 10/12,4/1211.00-20 18PRCB10/60PL48
ZZ1256M4646C                                                                    8.5+2.66WD615.92E19634325+1350                                                                                 9/12,10/12,10/-11.00-20CB10/60PL48
CXA34T                                                                          9+2.656HK1-TC19135100+13009/1011.00-20-18PRCB10/60PL48
ZZ1257S4647C                                                                    12+3.54WD615.96E27634600+1350                                                                                10/12,4/1211.00-20 18PRCB10/60PL48
FVR34J2                                                                         5.52+0.286HK1-TC191245009/1410.00R20-16PRCB10/40PL32
FVR34J2                                                                          6HK1-TC191245009/1410.00R20-16PR  
NKR77LLLWCJAY                                                                    4HK1-TC96233608/6+57.50-15  
NJ1056SHXN6                                                                      SOFIM8140.43S39223600-/5+5,-/4+3,-/5+36.50R16C  
NKR77PLLWCJAY                                                                   24KH1-TC29999638158/6+57.50-1515041425CB10/20PS20
JX1060TSG23                                                                     2.035JX493ZLQ327717533607/5+57.00-16LT13851425CB10/20PS20
EQ1092F3GJ2                                                                     3.27EQ6100-3054209939508/11+89.00-2018001800CB10/30PS30
DFL1160BX2                                                                      6B190 30450013242007/9+69.00-2018801800CB10/40PS40
EQ1141KJ                                                                        6.07B190 30590013645008/10+810.00-2019401860CB10/40PS40
ZZ1167M4617C                                                                    7WD615.92E9726196460010/9+611.00-20 18PRR20221830CB10/40PS40
CXA34T                                                                          11.056HK1-TC77901915100+13009/1011.00-20-18PR19601855/1855CB10/60  PS50
ZZ1257M4647C                                                                    12.35WD615.92E97261964600+1350  10/1211.00-20 18PR20221830/1830CB10/60  PS50
EQ1092F3GJ2                                                                     1.8+1.301EQ6100-3054209939508/11+89.00-2018001800CB10/30PL24 
DFL1160BX2                                                                      4.05+1.726B190 30450013242007/9+69.00-2018801800CB10/30PL24
EQ1141KJ                                                                        4.13+1.717B190 30590013645008/10+810.00-2019401860CB10/30PL24 
ZZ1167M4617C                                                                    5+1.77WD615.92E9726196460010/9+611.00-20 18PRR20221830CB10/40PL32
CXA34T                                                                          9+1.8146HK1-TC77901915100+13009/1011.00-20-18PR19601855/1855CB10/60  PL48
ZZ1257M4647C                                                                    10+2.08WD615.92E97261964600+1350  10/1211.00-20 18PR20221830/1830CB10/60  PL48
ZZ1167M4617C                                                                    6+0.5WD615.92E9726196460010/9+611.00-20 18PR20221830CB10/40PL32
Technical  parameter  of  fire  fighting  body
Liquid  tankerVolume:   total  4000L  (among,   water:   3000L;   foam:   1000L) 
Material:   high  quality  carbon  steel  plate,   anti-rust  treatment  inside.
Structure:   welding,   there  is  baffle  plate  inner
Equipment:   2  manholes,   with  speediness  lock  and  turn  on  equipment,   2overflow  mechanisms,   2drainage  exites
Fire  fighting  pump  and  pipeline  systemModel  of  fire  fighting  pump:   CB10/40
Pressure:   1.0Mpa
Flux:   40L/s
Suction  depth: ≥   7m
Suction  time:   ≤ 35s
Installing  type:   central  or  rear
Pipeline  system:
Suction  pipeline:   there  is 125mm  water  inlet,   can  sop  natural  water  source  and  sop  the  water  from  liquid  tanker
Water  outlet  pipeline:   there  is  one  middle  pressure  water  outlet  on  every  side,   and  gun  pipeling  with  dia. ≥ 80mm  on  the  top  of  tanker
Discharge  remaining  water  system:   to  protect  pump  and  all  ball  valves
Fire  fighting  nozzleModel:   PP24
Range:   water  ≥   50m,   foam≥ 45m
Pressure:   1.0Mpa
PTOQJ270  sandwich  PTO,   splashing-type  lubricate,   can  put  out  fire  when  driving
Material  of  carriageCarriage  is  made  of  high  quality  carbon  steel  and  Aluminium  embossed  sheet
Pump  roomCentral  type,   there  are  pump  system  and  pipeline,   reasonable  structure.   Easily  operate  all  meters  and  operate-switch.
Equipment  boxEquipment  box:   at  the  back  of  carriage,   there  is  two-layers  clapboard,   can  store  equipment.   There  is  safe  ladder  to  up  and  down  on  the  back  of  equipment  box.
Structure:   whole  frame  is  welded  to  ensure  intension  and  rigidity.
Material:   frame  is  high  quality  steel,   inner  plague  is  aluminium  embossed  sheet,   surface  is  anodic  processed.
Rolling  shutter  doorLight  and  high  quality  aluminum  alloy  rolling  shutter  door,   neatly  open  and  close,   good  seal,   low  noise,   beauty  outside,   and  with  one  set  lock.
pedalAdopt  air-supporting  stucture  to  overturn  easily  and  safely  lock.
Material  is  high  quality  Q235A,   pedal  is  non-skid  aluminum  embossed  sheet
Electric  control  system1.   Alarm
Warning  light:   Lightweight  Rectangular,   installed  on  the  top  of  cab,   in  accordance  with  outside  of  whole  truck.
Siren: 80W.   With  FM/  Public  Address  System  and  megaphone
2.   Light  in  equipment  and  pump  room  can  be  controlled  in  carriage.
3.   Other  light: one  light  on  the  top  of  vehicle,   the  switch  in  the  cab.
colorThe  whole  vehicle  is  red  for  fire  fighting,   there  are  white  in  the  middle  of  truck  in  accordance  with  the  whole  truck
Technical  requirement1.   The  fire  fighting  vehicle  is  accordance  with  GB7965  performance  requirementa  and  test  methods  for  fire  fighting  vehicle
2.     Tank  of  foam  and  water  is  accordance  with  GB39.5  General  specification  for  fire  fithting  vehicle.
3.     The  outside  is  very  beauty,   the  surface  roughness  is  accordance  with  GB39.5  general  specification  for  fire  fighting  vehicle.
    All  operating  switch  and  meter  is  accordance  with  standard  nameplate
Set Please  refer  the  following  set  of  fire  technical  equipment
With  fire  hose  reel  auto-rewind  middle  pressure  monitor.   1/2  inch, 40m
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