Iveco Genlyon Fire Truck 8000L

IVECO GENLYON FIRE TRUCKWater Capacity:5500L,Foam tank capacity 1500Lfire pump Low-middle pressure fire pump: CB20.10/30.60flow:60L/s/1.0Mpa, middle pressure flow: 30L/s/2.0MpaGENLYON fire fighting truck, adopting new technology, use new materials, independently developed with intellectual property rights and

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Water Capacity:5500L,Foam tank capacity 1500L
fire pump Low-middle
 pressure fire pump: CB20.10/30.60
flow:60L/s/1.0Mpa, middle pressure flow: 30L/s/2.0Mpa

GENLYON fire fighting truck, adopting new technology, use new materials, independently developed with intellectual property rights and, adopting IVECO GENLYON specialized firefighting CQ1164HMG461 type chassis modifications; the operation is simple and convenient, reliable, it is user trusted products. And it is the ideal fire equipment of public security fire brigade and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises
  1. The fire truck is attractive appearance, smooth lines, high speed, flexible, agile driving safety.
  2. The fire truck has large load, good acceleration performance, and large power reserves.
  3. The pump, gun adopts domestic made with advanced technology, with high performance, small size and other characteristics. And using chassis engines matched power takeoff with the latest design and so that the fire truck has long firing range, large flow, great fire extinguishment capacity.
  4. Equipment box structure, rational layout, kit classification, centralized storage, convenient for picking up and placing.
  5. Cage construction of Equipment frame is importing German aluminum alloy profile structure, section bar connection use high strength special connecting piece built-in lap joint structure. The structure characteristics are high strength, beautiful appearance, flexible combination, maximize the use of equipment compartment space to place the equipment; inner mask is anodic oxidation treating pattern plate, the fire truck interior decorative style is identical, beautiful and generous.
  6. The truck headstock is two doors single row seats, adopting dual Manual cylinder to turn headstock, 2 people riding, compact structure, bright and spacious space, good vision, comfort ride.
  7. Liquid tank is high quality steel materials made, high strength, good environmental protection performance, long service life. Tank inside has set with baffles, tank body are respectively provided with manhole, foam filler, water outlet and sewage outlet.
  8. Water pump system is arranged in the pump room, compact structure, on left and right side has one set of water outlet pipeline, convenient for laying pipeline.
  9. Compartment surface is imported popular red wrinkle paint, non-glare, not cracking, not easy injury, good compatibility, beautiful generous.
  10. Both of carriage tow sides and the rear curtain doors are high strength aluminum alloy curtain door of German technology, reliable opening and closing, low noise, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance.

1, Truck Technical                             

Truck model:CQ1164HMG461
GVW/Curb weight19800kg/12500kg
Rate of load7300kg
Overall size8450×2500×3580


Flat head, singe-Cabin, two doors, elect window, wiper, Manual tilt cab,2 seat, 4 Set of safety belt in the back seats.
the back of rear occupant seat is provided with 4 air respirator fixing frame, and shock-proof device, in front of about 1.2 meters high has elaborate safety railing,
In addition to the original vehicle equipment, installation of 100W alarms, rotary lamp switch, Power take-off control switch, lamp switch and indicator light, The cab top is mounted with long row red blue alarm lamp.
Air conditionerYes
Operation Command systemYes

Drive type4X2 left hand drive
Fuel type:Diesel

ModelCERSOR9 C9.310 (F2CE0681E*B)

Rate power speed: 2100rpm
            Max torque:1250 N.m@900-1600 rpm
Emission standardEuro 3
Engine typeInline six cylinder,4-valve per cylinder, four-stoke, water-cooled, turbocharged and intercooled , Electronically controlled high pressure common rail system
Shift boxFAST Brand 9-speed Forwarder with 2 Reverse
BrakeAir brake
Tire specification12.00R20
Tire number6+1
Max speed90km/h
Paint colorRed and White painted
Angle of Approach/Departure19/14
Front /Rear Suspension1435/2450
Front/Rear Wheel track2006/1850

Genlyon 7T front axle loading, Drum brake,16T rear axle payload, Central deceleration + wheel deceleration steel stamping and welding axle housing single drive axle

Special configuration

Water /Foam Tank parameter
Water Capacity:5500L,Foam tank capacity 1500L
Material: Made in carbon steel.
Structure: welded steel inner hoard tank, equipped with vertical and horizontal spurn water plate.
Equipment : 2 person Manhole with quick-locking and opening device
An overflow device, pressure relief device
A liquid level indicator
A sewage outfall , manual valve control
1, independent crew cab: located at the rear of cabin, fit 4 seats, all seat are molded and installed with three point seat belt, air respirator holder. Open door and foot pedal, high-strength glass door in both side. Speak system
2,Fire Pump: Mounted in the truck rear, Low-middle pressure fire pump: CB20.10/30.60,
 Leading water time ≤ 50s, within water depth 7m
Low pressure flow:60L/s/1.0Mpa, middle pressure flow: 30L/s/2.0Mpa
3,pipeline system:
Suction pipe: Equipped with a backward way pipe DIM:135mm,the water from then tank into the pump, installed a DIM 135MM manual butterfly valves, tank connection with pump.
Suction culvert: it fit water inlet at the rear of pump DIM 150mm,connect the suction pipe, connect way is Bluetooth connect button.
Water pipeline: at rear of pump have 4x80mm dim ball control outlet Normal pressure water
              At both side of pump have 4x65mm dim ball control outlet Middle pressure water.
             1x100mm dim cannon pipeline, flexible joints,100mm ball control.
Injection line :fit Dim 50mm circulating water pipe, through the pump directly inject water to the tank.
            Fit 2x80mm dim injection line on both side of truck.
Drain water: In order to protect the pump and ball valve, fit the drain water valve at the lowest place.
Cooling pipes: for PTO to deal with complex situations of work, fit cooling pipes and control valve.        
4, The power take off (PTO)
  MODEL : sandwich
  Manipulation : solenoid valve control
Cooling: Forced adjustable water-cooled
Lubrication: splash oil lubrication
5,Fire water-foam dual monitor
Model: PP48  flow: 48L/S@1.0Mpa, Water range ≥ 65m, Foam range55m Rotary angle: 360°horizontal. Elevation/depression of angle: -15°~+60°
6,The instrument panel and board equipment:
Instrument panel located in the vehicle rear pump chamber, with a control panel and provided with adequate lighting; all the control handle, switch, indicating lamp nearby have metal corrosion formed Chinese identification; water pipeline layout and operation steps illustrate, using metal corrosion plate fixed in the proper position. All illustration plate and signs are persistent and high adhesion, which can withstand influence due to temperature and climate change caused; 10 years will not fall off or illegible.
Liquid level, Tachometer; pressure gauge;  vacuum pressure gauge; oil temperature gauge;  voltmeter; pump speed regulating device,20V power switch, pneumatic control valve switch.
7,Tool and pump store house
Material: Skeleton made of high quality steel, mask checkered aluminum oxide bonding structure.
Structure: All steel welded frame structure, around three sides is Aluminum alloy doors, fit flip-slip pedals, can stand a man working.
Spare part and tool in equipment boxes of truckIts satisfy all of normal used
No.Part nameQ'tyUT 
1Suction hose(4m) 2PC 
2Water filter  1PC 
3Fire hose type(13-65-20m)4PC 
4Fire hose type(20-65-20m)4PC 
5Fire hose type(13-80-20m)4PC 
6Fire hose type(20-80-20m)4PC 
7Water thief 1PC 
8Water collector(Bayonet)1PC 
9Dry powder fire extinguishers 1PC 
10Hose wrapper 4PC 
11Hose protector                   2PC 
12Hose hook 4PC 
13Ground hydrant wrench  1PC 
14Underground hydrant wrench 1PC 
15Suction hose wrench  2PC 
16Try power fire extinguisher 1PC 
17Fire bucket 1PC 
18Straight hose nozzle 1PC 
19Multifunctional hose nozzle 1PC 
20Air foam nozzle 1PC 
21Foam suction hose 1PC 
22Fire Axe 1PC 
23Iron arrows 1PC 
24Iron spade 1PC 
25Pickaxe flat tip type 4kg 1PC 
26Fire hammer 1PC 
27Adapter 65/80 2PC 
28Origin truck chassis tool 1PC 
29Middle pressure reel 1.0"* 30m1PC 
30Middle pressure Nozzle1PC 

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