• The Story of IFA Past President Fred A. Wood | News, Sports, Jobs - North Tama Telegraph

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    In 1998 I began my search for more Iowa Firefighters Association (IFA) history. We were about to write the history of the Traer Fire Department for Traer’s 125th Year – celebrated in 1998 – when I came across a name I had seen in the IFA

  • Jarman’s Jubilee: Funeral Music for Elizabeth Windsor - CounterPunch.org

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    Original poster for a 1978 screening in Sydney, Australia.

    The only direct reference in Derek Jarman’s Jubilee to the ongoing celebrations of the Queen’s twenty-fifth year on the British throne comes toward the end of the movie in a brightly lit lunch counter where a game of bingo is

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    KENTWOOD, La. (WVUE) - I-55 northbound between Kentwood and Osyka, Mississippi is open again on Thursday (Sept. 8) morning after authorities responded to a chemical spill that required a nearly 12-hour cleanup effort.

    A commercial truck carrying involved in a crash on I-55 spilled 6,000

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    AP Top News at 11:43 p.m. EDT

    IZIUM, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian authorities found a mass burial site near a recaptured northeastern city previously occupied by Russian forces, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced Thursday night. The grave was discovered close to Izium in the Kharkiv r

  • The fires below (The Fires Below) — High Country News – Know the West

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    On a hot, dry, windy summer morning   in 2014, rancher John Bailey drove along the edge of a wildland fire in southeast Montana. The fire had started inconspicuously — no lightning strike or neglected campfire involved, just flames appearing on open range owned by Jared Broadus, Bailey’s

  • Public safety round-up - Northern Beaches Advocate

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    Images: Northern Beaches Advocate, Luke Gavahan, Envato, NSW RFS

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  • American Foundry and Manufacturing Company Catalogue - Fire Engineering: Firefighter Training and Fire Service News, Rescue

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    American Foundry and Manufacturing Company Catalogue

    The American Foundry and Manufacturing Company, of St. Louis, Mo., has issued a new catalogue of over 200 pages, designated as No. 36, of water, gas, plumbing and hardware specialties. The book, neatly bound in cloth, is profusely il

  • How to extinguish an electric vehicle fire

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    Essential Equipment to Eliminate Toxins Within the Station – Get FREE Grant Assistance

    Essential Equipment to Eliminate Toxins Within the Station – Get FREE Grant Assistance

  • World News | Massive Fire at Commercial Building in China's Hunan | LatestLY

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    Changsha (China), September 16 (ANI): A major fire broke out in a high-rise commercial building in China's Hunan province, local media reported on Friday.

    However, no casualties have been reported so far, as per the China Telecom building where the fire incident occurred, state media CGT

  • US-China rivalry dividing the world in two - Asia Times

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    Covering geo-political news and current affairs across Asia

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has elicited a strong response from China: days of simulated attack on Taiwan with further drills announced, plus a withdrawal from critical ongoing conversations with the US on