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2022-05-06 06:55:05 By : Ms. Nancy Lee

The MBP SILENT SERIES PTO PUMP from Hale Products, Inc., is a high- volume, single-stage pump that’s smaller than other 750- to 1,000- gpm pumps, making it easier to mount on truck chassis. Features new Silent Series Gear Box system for quiet operation; a variety of performance ratings and ratios is available. Ideal for supply lines, preconnects, and booster lines on rural interface, first-out, and tanker/tender apparatus. Designed for Allison 10-bolt PTO systems. (610) 825-6300.

The RESCUE HOOK from Benchmade Knife Co. readily slices through security belts, rope, clothing, and a multitude of fibrous or pliable matter. Scalpel-sharp edge is shrouded for safety. Even with gloved hands, fire and rescue personnel can handle this cutting tool deftly. Features 420HC stainless-steel blade material hardened to 54-58HRC, one-half inch (1.27 cm) blade opening, 2.90-inch (7.37 cm) overall length, .113-inch (2.87 mm) thick, and weighs 1.20 ounce (34 gm). Available in blade configurations 5, 5BLK, 5W, and 5BLKW. (800) 800-7427. Web site:

Pacbrake’s new patented PRXB FIVE-INCH PREMIUM PERFORMANCE EXHAUST BRAKE maximizes braking power on medium to heavy-duty diesel trucks. Constant backpressure exhaust brake designed for in-city driving or on steep, long downhills. Features one-third more retarding horsepower than a standard exhaust brake at 1,500 rpm. Constant backpressure adjusts as engine speeds change for maintaining optimum retarding performance through the entire rpm range. Offers up to 77 percent of engine brake retarding horsepower. Quiet enough to be used in areas where engine brakes are prohibited. Available in applications with 3.5- and four-inch brakes. (800) 663-0096.

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