Pump Operations: Six-Step Troubleshoot - Fire Engineering: Firefighter Training and Fire Service News, Rescue

2022-09-24 04:54:27 By : Mr. Yong Xin

To ensure success at the pump panel, you can take just six simple steps. I was taught this incredibly simple and seemingly foolproof approach to pump operations as a young engineer in the United States Air Force. If you understand how each step affects pump operations, you can use the steps to troubleshoot most problems.

Generally, the six steps to be followed, in this order, are the following: 1. Engage the pump; 2. Water in; 3. Water out; 4. Calculate or determine pressure; 5. Throttle up; and 6. Set the relief valve. We will look at each step and discuss the issues you may encounter if you omit one of the steps or perform it incorrectly.

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