2022-05-14 22:35:05 By : Ms. Dora Wang

Ninfa Saavedra , Digital Content Specialist

Ninfa Saavedra , Digital Content Specialist

HOUSTON – A bold theft was caught on camera after thieves stoles rescue saws from a Houston firetruck during an emergency call in northwest Houston.

“They probably had it within 30 seconds,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

The woman said her surveillance camera caught the crime.

In the video, two men are seen getting out of a black vehicle and heading toward the HFD truck.

“They quickly grabbed the saws and they took off. When I realized what was happening, I kind of ducked behind the tree a little bit so they wouldn’t recognize me or see me watching them,” said the woman.

Houston firefighters from Station 4 had just responded to the apartment complex in the 7000 block of Wilshire Place Drive to help someone with a medical emergency.

“I felt that they followed the fire truck in. They knew what they were grabbing. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was pretty low that they did that,” said the woman.

HFD officials said the thieves stole more than $4,000.00 worth of equipment.

“You can cut a steel door, a garage door, things of that nature, very time-critical incidents (that) we use these saws on,” said HFD Martee Black.

Currently, Station 4 is using loaner saws. If the stolen ones are not returned soon, HFD will have to foot the bill for new ones.

“It’s really a disgrace that while they are providing that care that someone would come in such a vulnerable situation and take from them. It’s awful,” said Black.

The stolen saws will have “ladder 004″ printed on them.

Houston police are searching for at least three men who were seen leaving in a black Malibu or Impala.

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