The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Is a Lightweight Vacuum That Really Does Make Pet Hair Vanish

2022-08-13 06:44:16 By : Ms. Shelly Xu

Bissell is no stranger to helping customers keep their homes and workspace clean, so we were excited to try the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum. Designed to make fast work of collecting dirt, debris and pet hair, the Turbo Plus is built with strong suction power and comes with the attachments customers need to clean their floors, stairs, furniture and more. Pet hair, your days of sticking to window coverings are numbered.

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Buy: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum $247.19

LED lights on vacuum base and crevice tool

Dust bin is easy to remove and clean

Convenient storage for each accessory

Plug-in style requires an outlet nearby

Extendable hose not long enough to vacuum flight of stairs

Attachments: 3 (Pet TurboEraser Tool, 2-1in-1 Pet Dusting Brush, LED Crevice Tool)

The Turbo Plus is very easy to set up for a sizable vacuum. Connecting the hose and different attachments is pretty intuitive. We went step-by-step using the included manual, and it still took us less than 10 minutes to get the vacuum ready.

Inside the box is the vacuum base, the upper handle, hose and extension wand (all connected), a 2-in-1 pet dusting brush, a holder for the brush, an LED lighted crevice tool, a Pet TurboEraser Tool and a removable filter.

The Pet TurboEraser Tool can be connected to the extension wand and is designed to be used on stairs, while the 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush can connect to the extension wand and be used on more delicate surfaces like furniture. It features rubber nubs that help remove pet hair embedded into fabric. All accessories have a convenient and secure storage spot on the vacuum base, making it easy to keep track of the items and ensure they are always with the vacuum.

The Turbo Plus also includes a replaceable Febreze filter that leaves a fresh scent on floors. We found the smell a bit strong, but it fades after a few hours and helps cover up unpleasant odors, another plus for pet owners. Removing the filter is straightforward, and it can be rinsed, left to air dry for a few hours and re-installed with minimal effort.

Controls on the Turbo Plus are also straightforward. A foot symbol on the base indicates where users can place their foot while gently pulling back on the handle to recline the vacuum. There is an on/off power switch on the base with an on/off switch for the brush roll below. The brush roll can be used on carpet and high pile rugs but should be turned off on hard surfaces, such as hardwood, ceramic or tile floors.

Noise Level: The Turbo Plus is in the mid-range for noise. A noise meter on our phone registered between 79.6 dB and 82.1 dB when used on tile, hardwood and carpet. Using the brush roll and toggling between low and high pile suction didn’t affect the noise much. The highest rating at 82.1 dB was on tile, but this was in a bathroom, which likely contributed to a higher noise level.

Ease of Emptying: Removing the dirt tank is simple, thanks to the large release button on the top of the unit. A release on the tank opens the bottom of the unit and empties the contents. A line on the outside of the tank indicates when it needs to be emptied.

Although the dustbin has a large 0.75L design, its full indicator is relatively low, and we had to empty it more regularly than we anticipated.

Maneuverability: We were impressed with how well the Turbo Plus could get into corners and pick up items against the wall with little difficulty. We were also pleasantly surprised that even though it’s a larger vacuum, the Turbo Plus could still reach about 1–2 inches under many pieces of furniture and grab dirt and debris.

That being said, the Turbo Plus is still a large standup vacuum. It covers a lot of ground fast, but it’s heavy. We got tired of pushing it after a few minutes and found it cumbersome to use on stairs, even when using the stretch hose and Pet Turbo Eraser. It was challenging to vacuum an entire staircase without starting with the vacuum at the top of the stairs and then moving it to the bottom. The Pet Turbo Eraser doesn’t swivel, making it difficult to get into the small corners of the stairs.

Suction Power: We sprinkled cereal, rice, small food particles, and hair on carpet, tiles, and hardwood and found that the Turbo Plus had no issue picking up any type of debris. We very rarely had to make more than one pass.

There is a Low Pile and High Pile option for suction control, though it was difficult to notice much difference when switching between the two.

We had no issues picking up large and small pieces of dirt and debris on all three types of floors. We wish the vacuum would automatically switch the brush roll on and off when going between carpet and hard floors because there were a few times we forgot to turn it off, but that type of feature typically comes at a much higher price point.

The crevice tool is our favorite attachment. Its LED light makes it easy to see debris that may otherwise be missed, and its strong suction can grab items in tight spots on any flooring or fabric.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus is an affordable and powerful vacuum that can handle pet hair and large and small pieces of debris. It has a sizeable dustbin that is easy to remove, empty and reinstall. It has three attachments and storage space on the vacuum base, making keeping track of the pieces simple.

So should you buy it? In a word, absolutely.

The Turbo Plus has no issues picking up large and small debris and can remove pet hair embedded in fabric. It includes useful attachments that allow customers to vacuum their entire home, and it has a large dustbin that is easy to remove and clean. Its plug-in style means no waiting for a battery to charge, and having a cord also helps reduce the price.

The vacuum base and crevice tool have LED lights, one of our favorite features. We could easily see the area in front of the vacuum. This saved time since we didn’t have to turn on every light in the house or backtrack over spaces where we missed dirt and debris.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus is heavier and can be difficult to push for an extended period. Having a cord also means users are constantly keeping the cord out of the vacuum’s path. We also found it difficult to vacuum an entire flight of stairs without moving the vacuum. The Pet TurboEraser, designed for stairs, is also difficult to use because it doesn’t pivot or tilt, making it hard to get into the nooks and crannies of staircases.

We wouldn’t recommend the Turbo Plus for homes with lots of stairs or for anyone with mobility issues who might struggle with pushing a heavier unit. Still, this is an excellent option for those who want an affordable and powerful vacuum.

Buy: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum $247.19

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